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-Expanded Metal Lath
-Rib Lath
-Angle Bead
-Steel Plasterers Beads
-Coil Lath
-Reveal Screed
-Expansion Joint

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No.66 West Street,
Changle Town,
Shengzhou City,
Zhejiang , China

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Company Dynamic
Established in 1986, the company is located in Sheng-zhou, Zhejiang province of China. The factory is near to Ningbo Port, one of the largest shipping port of China. The company is joined by expertises in technology and machinery. Most equipments used in production are developed and produced by Weifa itself .......More
05/26-WEIFA attended International Building & Construction Trade Fair Shanghai
03/09-WEIFA attended international hardware fair Cologne
Our Products¡¡
Angle Bead
3/8" High Rib
Rib Lath
Metal Lath
Expansion Joint
Expansion Joint
Control Joint
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