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No.66 West Street,
Changle Town,
Shengzhou City,
Zhejiang , China
0086 575 83786669
0086 575 83071900
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Continue to provide a quality, durable product system, which will give plaster and stucco system the lasting character which it deserves. We also promise to continue our research into new sources that can make products perform better and economical. Invest in our systems and our people to ensure that we have the skills and resources to provide the best possible service. Consistently monitor our clients' satisfaction with regard to our products and service. We promise to listen to our customers with heart.

We understand the importance placed on the plaster and stucco system of a building. We know that internal and exterior of buildings need strong and neat which is the standard to measure a buildings quality. With this understanding, Weifa has focused its talents and resources into our products to provide you with conform able products that will ensure wall and ceilings receive as strong support as the material can provide. We understand the significance of keeping constant improvement and getting it right first time.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. It is their talents, knowledge, skill and commitment which allows Weifa to produce its high quality products. We believe that weifa is not just a company but a family working as a team towards creating the highest quality expanded metal products on the market.

Since the beginning in 1986, weifa has grown over the years. We have added to our product lines and intend to create more specialty products to fit more project requirements. With many commercial and residential buildings using our products, weifa is increasingly being recognized in this industry. Our goal is to be a pillar of the expanded metal and accessories industry.

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ICC-ESR 2367
American Institute of Steel Construction
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